STR Concentrate - Relaxation Support 100 caps

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STR Concentrate - Relaxation Support 100 caps

STR Concentrate

In today's fast pace and competitive world, many people have increased stress and difficulty coping with job responsibilities, competition, raising a family and other responsibilities. STR helps to smooth those frayed nerves, excitability, and occasional restless nights. STR was formulated using herbs that have historically helped these problems, especially when combined in the proper amounts.

Chamomile- Still the favorite especially in Europe with women and children, Chamomile, unlike the other herbs in this formula, is mild but effective in helping to relax the nerves, helps mental alertness, menstrual cramps, upset stomach it is also helpful for hair and skin texture. Very effective as an antispasmodic. It is also effective with helping to relieve minor pain not associated with a disease or serious condition. Chamomile is a tonic herb.

Skullcap- A tonic and antispasmodic. 

Hops- Used much the same as Skullcap, it is a little faster acting. Hops activates within 20 minutes or so. It benefits the liver, spleen, glands, muscles, and helps clean the blood. Hops is known as a tonic herb in addition to being very calming. It is high in B complex and trace minerals.

Ladyslipper- One of the strongest but safest herbs for the nervous system, Lady Slipper is very calming for the mind and body.  The medulla is also helped with this herb.

Ingredients: Chamomile (flower), Skullcap (flower), Hops (flower), Lady Slipper (flower).

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