Respiratory Support

Respiratory Support
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  • Advanced Lung Formula  100 caps
      Advanced Lung Formula Advanced Lung Formula is the "Who's-Who" in herbs helping supports the body and the lungs. It helps maintain healthy lung functions. Ingredients: Fenugreek (root), Mullein (leaf), Horehound (herb), Myrrh (leaf), Rose Hips (fruit), Yerba Santa (leaf), Theob..
  • Respiratory Support 100 caps
    Respiratory Support Chinese Blend Respiratory Support should be taken on a regular basis in small amounts and increased when there is a need. Historically, these Chinese herbs have been used with much success. Ingredients: Apricot (seed) (ku xing ren), Perilla (fruit) (zi su zi), Mulle..
  • Resp-J Comb  100 caps
    Resp-J  Resp-J is used for sinus health and respiratory support. Golden Seal and Echinacea are also very helpful. We recommend omitting all mucus forming foods, such as cows' milk, cheese, ice cream etc. Cut back or discontinue eating red meats and eat more raw vegetables that are alkali..